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How does your anxiety feel? That is the question we’re thinking about.


When we experience anxiety it is our body and our mind telling us that something is off. Balance has been lost. What many people do not realize is that treating anxiety is but the beginning. The anxiety is a by-product; an alarm system.


We don’t catch anxiety. It does not develop from nothingness. 

"I’ve had my own battle with anxiety over the years. For me, I can tell when anxiety is truly starting to boil when I feel a lump in my throat; a sinking feeling in my heart; and most painfully of all, and immense pressure on my chest. That is my physiological reaction to anxiety.

What is yours? Do you also have the pressure on your chest? Or do you have Sweaty palms? Do you Pick at your finger nails or cuticles? Pacing? Sleeplessness? It does indeed take many forms."   - Steve Termath


Retake control of this!
Explore mindfulness with Darkness Falls Counseling.


Counselors Who help treat anxiety are missing the mark. We first need to mitigate your anxiety so that you can breathe. Next, we need to find the source of your anxiety to prevent its recurrence. Let's see if we cannot define this broad term called "mindfulness" as it pertains to your battle. Let’s dig in!
Right now.

It's time to start working on this. . .

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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